Twitter For Android Adds A Night Mode Option

Do you like browsing Twitter before bed? If so, the Android app was just updated with a feature that makes doing so a bit more friendly: night mode. When activated, the bright Android app for Twitter is toggled over to a theme that's much easier on the eyes in a dark room. Turning the night mode on is as simple as flipping a switch; you can turn it off whenever you want, as well, to get the light theme back.

Twitter announced the new feature in a tweet today. Assuming you have the newest app version, you can turn on the feature by tapping the navigation menu icon (the three horizontal bars) or your profile icon. When the menu opens, scroll down to "night mode" and toggle the sliding switch to "on." The Twitter theme will instantly get dark as shown in the video below.

Night modes and variations of them are finally gaining popularity among mobile devices and apps. The reason is obvious — many people use their phone in bed as they're falling asleep, something that comes with real-world ramifications in terms of poor rest and disrupted sleep cycles.

Amazon has dealt with this by adding a night mode to its Kindle Fire tablets that reduces the blue light being transmitted, replacing the screen with an amber hue and making it easier to turn the slate off for the night. Apple recently introduced a similar feature for its own mobile devices; it, too, disables blue light for a better night's sleep.