Twitter drops Google Glass, app no longer available

Twitter is perfect for Google Glass. The small-ish social microblogging platform is great for Glass' small screen, where snippets of info can be digested quickly. If you're a big Google Glass/Twitter fan, you might want to guard the app carefully from now on. One Reddit user found that uninstalling Twitter from his Glass apps list left them eternally wanting, unable to get it back. After reaching out to Twitter about the problem, it seems the Twitter Glass app is no more.

The Twitter app is missing from the Google Glass app portal, too. In response to the issue, the Redditor only says "according to Glass support Twitter is no longer developing their Glass app."

Google Glass also doesn't have a secondary store for getting Glass apps, meaning you'd be out of luck unless a third-party app were to be created and submitted (and approved, too) to the Glass apps store.

The bad news isn't that Twitter addicts will go wanting for heads-up tweets. The really unfortunate bit of info here is that Twitter just plain dropped Google Glass. Cold.

A platform that is perfect for Twitter, and they won't afford time to support it. Development is a lot easier for Glass now that Developers aren't working with Mirror APIs, so Twitter's decision to move away from Glass is interesting. They took an existing app, that's now easier to work on, and just ended development and support.

Via the Reddit thread, someone claiming to be from the Google Glass team dropped a hint-bomb about the consumer version of Glass coming soon, but we're all starting to wonder if the interest is there? Between amazing smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and projects like Ara — do we still care about Google Glass?

Twitter doesn't think so.

Thanks, anon.

Source: Reddit