Twitter DM feature is opt-in: NOT on by default

Please feel free to chill – today's announcement of direct messaging for everyone on Twitter is not just a Wild West situation. You will not be flooded with DMs this afternoon. While you CAN turn on DMs from anyone, this is not an open-door policy sort of deal. You DO NOT HAVE TO TURN THIS FEATURE ON. Twitter is just allowing DMs to appear in your inbox – IF YOU WANT THEM TO – from anyone on Twitter. Again – if this isn't clear enough – you DO NOT need to turn this feature on if you do not want to, and it isn't on by default.

Each of the updated "private conversation" feature additions are being activated this week by Twitter. You won't see this update right away if you're checking in on your Twitter client this morning. By the end of this week, however, all will be released.

According to Twitter, changes include the following:

• A setting that allows you to receive Direct Messages from anyone, even if you don't follow them.

• Updated messaging rules so you can reply to anyone who sends you a Direct Message, regardless of whether or not that person follows you.

• A new Direct Message button on profile pages on Android and iPhone. You'll see it on the profiles of people you can send Direct Messages to.

Twitter's Nhu Vuong suggests that Twitter has "lots more in the works to improve Direct Messages on Twitter so that the private side of Twitter is just as fulfilling as the public side."

Direct Message communication won't look different. This isn't a matter of Twitter turning into a messenger service – even if they eventually do such a thing. Instead, it's just opening the doors for private conversation with strangers for those who want it.

Don't worry.

Don't freak out.

Remain calm.

And turn on that DM opt-in when it appears because I need to send you an important message about SPAM.

VIA: Twitter