Twitter diversity report: mostly men, mostly white

Twitter has followed the lead of other tech companies and released its diversity statistics, saying that it has a goal to reach everyone around the world, and to do so it needs "a team that understands and represents different cultures and backgrounds." Unfortunately, it still has a way to go before it gets there.

Tallying up the diversity percentages of its global workers, the overall numbers show a workforce that is 70-percent men, a figure that gets worse when looking at leadership (79-percent) and tech (90-percent). In the non-tech category, the numbers even out, hitting an even 50/50 mix.

In terms of ethnicity — looking at its US workers using self-reported information — all four categories are mostly white, with the next highest category being Asian. Other listed groups represent very small percentages of the workers.

Similar figures were seen with Facebook's diversity statistics, which were revealed back in June. In May, Google published its own diversity statistics, which — you guessed it — were also strikingly similar.

SOURCE: Twitter