Facebook’s diversity report shows primarily white male workforce

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 25, 2014
Facebook’s diversity report shows primarily white male workforce

Facebook is the latest tech company to reveal its diversity numbers, and in the report we see a familiar picture: a workforce composed primarily of white males, with there being some categories where the numbers even out into a somewhat more diverse picture. Said the social network today, “As these numbers show, we have more work to do — a lot more.”

The numbers, as mentioned, are broken down into different categories. The company as a whole has a 69-percent male workforce and 31-percent female workforce, with 57-percent being white, 34-percent being Asian, 4-percent being Hispanic, 3-percent being two or more races, 2-percent being black, and 0-percent outside of those groups.

Under the “Tech” category, the numbers are broken down by 85-percent male and 15-percent female, with the majority percentage (53-percent) being white, and 41-percent being Asian. In the “Non-Tech” group, meanwhile, 53-percent are male and 47-percent are female, while 63-percent are white and 24-percent are Asian.

Senior Level positions round out the numbers, with 77-percent being male and 23-percent being female, and 74-percent being white (the next highest is Asian at 19-percent).

Facebook says that “diversity is something that we’re treating as everyone’s responsibility” within the company. Last year the social network launched a so-called strategic diversity team, and it says it is using different strategies and programs for increasing its “pool of talent from underrepresented communities.”

SOURCE: Facebook

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