Twitter disappearing Tweet experience is no more - what about Instagram?

The developers of Twitter finally released an update that allows users to avoid the "disappearing Tweet experience." This experience was originally created by an update to Twitter that pushed a Tweet up a timeline as replies were added to a string. This wouldn't normally be an issue, just so long as a user never stopped browsing Twitter in real time.

In reality, people browse Twitter, put their phone down, take a break, come back, and bang! Their Twitter feed refreshes, and a Tweet they might've been reading is tossed to a different location in their timeline. Another social network with this issue – an issue that persists today – is Instagram. Instagram still has this sort of situation in play – as you will have likely noticed upon opening your Instagram app after leaving your phone on a desk or table for an extended period of time.

Lucky for Twitter users, the developers of the experience have addressed the problem. An update allows users to "choose when you want new Tweets to load in your timeline." To access this feature, users will need to "click the Tweet counter bar at the top."

This update is specifically for the web version of Twitter. If you're using the Twitter app for iOS or Android, you already have the experience in which your timeline does not auto-refresh on its own.

Now, imagine if we had this same sort of experience with all apps and interfaces. It'd allow us to effectively view the pages of an app or webpage the same way to view the pages of a book. We wouldn't be dealing with these perfect-bound books with their automatically-folding spines, their unforgiving re-closing of pages upon release. We'd be using ring-bound books, the sort that stay open when you leave them open, like a perfect 3-ring binder, made for work, and play – a glorious user experience that trusts the user!