Twitter cuts ties with LinkedIn after 2-year partnership

After a lovely hand-holding two years of partnership between the two, LinkedIn and Twitter will no longer be working with one-another. Twitter has cut off tweets on LinedIn this week and LinkedIn will no longer have the option to have Tweets shared directly through their site from a user's control panel. This move is part of a set of actions pushed by Twitter to increase the strictness of their requirements for developers using their API to make their own custom apps.

Where before you'd have been able to sync LinkedIn and Twitter with the click of a button, you'll now have to seek out 3rd party apps. In a blog post today, Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn head of content, wrote the following.

"If you had previously synced your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and selected the option to share Tweets on LinkedIn, those Tweets generated from Twitter will no longer appear on LinkedIn. There will be no other changes to your LinkedIn experience." – Roslansky

Twitter will this year be increasing its enforcement of its so-called "Developer Rules of the Road" and will be doubling down on keeping their brand consistent across the web. Twitter product manager Michael Sippy added in a blog post about developer upgrades in the near future:

"We're building tools for publishers and investing more and more in our own apps to ensure that you have a great experience everywhere you experience Twitter, no matter what device you're using. ... Ultimately, we want to make sure that the Twitter experience is straightforward and easy to understand — whether you're on or elsewhere on the web." – Sippey