Twitter confirms improvements to Direct Messaging system are coming

Twitter has confirmed via the official Twitter Support account that improvements to Direct Messaging (DM) are coming in the next few weeks. The changes are meant to prevent users from accidentally creating group chats when they DM a tweet to multiple people. Twitter is enabling a system that will allow users to share the same tweet at the same time in up to 20 different DM conversations.

The feature creates a separate DM conversation for each user a tweet is shared with. The new future will land first for iOS and web users, and Twitter says it's coming "soon" to Android users. Another of the new features is a quick scroll button allowing users to jump to the latest message in a thread with the press of a single button. Twitter says it will roll out to both Android and iOS users.

A new tool to make it easier for Twitter users to react to a message is rolling out for iOS users. When users react to the message, there is a double-tap, and a new long press has been added. When users take advantage of the long press, a message allowing them to "Add reaction" from the menu will appear, allowing users to choose the appropriate reaction they want to use.

Another change Twitter's implementing for iOS users has to do with improving conversation scanning. Conversation scanning is becoming easier thanks to grouping messages by date resulting in less clutter. Twitter hasn't offered an exact date when any of these features will go live.

It's also unclear when or if the features noted as rolling out specifically for iOS users will ever come to Android or web users in the future. In other Twitter news, recently, verifications were stopped after fake accounts were able to get verified.