Twitter Cards analytics dashboard brings advertisers increased insight

Following the update allowing advertisers to target users based on email addresses and user IDs, Twitter has rolled out another update that gives its advertisers better insight — Twitter Cards analytics. This dashboard pulls one's data into easy to sort through and digest charts, accompanying it with click data and more for specific dates.

The Twitter Cards analytics allows applicable users to check out how their content is performing at any given time, and beyond that helps determine what changes can be made to boost one's reach. Some big players among Twitter's advertisers were used to help create the new functionality, among them being TIME, Foursquare, and MLB.

As part of this, the new dashboard allows advertisers to monitor how users are engaging with one's tweets, a new feature that gives a better idea of what works and in what way. And following that is the new ability to monitor data on users, such as how they fall in categories based on interest, cities, gender, and such.

The dashboard and insights are available to all advertisers and Card users, and can be accessed through its ads address or through Access is rolling out over the next few days, so if you can't get in yet, don't fret. For those interested, there's now a developer page on Card analytics up, as well.

VIA: TechCrunch

SOURCE: Twitter Blog