Twitter advertising update allows targeting based on email addresses and IDs

Yesterday, Twitter revealed a refresh to its Web design, something still rolling out and ushering in another change, this one for the company's advertising partners: the ability to target based on email addresses and Twitter user IDs. The announcement was made on the company's advertising blog today, and expands the functionality to excluding users just the same, offering more control over all.

With this change, advertisers can tailor their advertisement efforts to specific users, whether through selective targeting or excluding. Both can be done based on users' IDs and email addresses, and can potentially make one's ad campaign far more efficient, if used intelligently. Ad partners can use their existing customer relationship management — aka, CRM — databases to target users based on their email.

The example Twitter provided was simple enough. If one ad partner is running a special only available to its members, it can target those individuals only based on the database of emails it already has. Likewise, a list of Twitter IDs made based on certain parameters applicable to the advertiser can be targeted, and, on the flipside, both these methods can be used to exclude some users.

If there's a promotion for new customers, for example, an ad partner can avoid advertising it to their existing members by excluding them based on email. Said the company: "The combination of these tools enables a highly relevant and useful message for the user and creates the opportunity for you to reach these known audiences on Twitter with more efficient campaigns. "

VIA: TechCrunch

SOURCE: Twitter Blog