Twitter "Buy" Feature Officially In Testing Phase

We previously told you that Twitter was testing out a system for allowing users to purchase goods right from their timeline. With the "Buy" button, goods and (perhaps someday) services could be purchased with a few clicks, making Twitter much more than a social platform. That feature is now being rolled out, with Twitter rolling out an explanatory video alongside it.

As you can see below, the Buy feature for Twitter is pretty much what we thought it would be. You click "Buy", then provide the necessary info. According to Twitter, the payment info is stored securely. Though they don't say just how they keep the info locked away, it seems as though they're using their own servers.

Twitter says information about the destination of your package will be shared with the seller, but not your credit card info. You also have the option to store your card info with Twitter, which is again stored securely and not shared with the seller. If you ever need to change or remove your card info, that's done via the new "Payments and Shipping" tab in your Twitter profile settings.

Oddly (or smartly) enough, your purchases don't end up as tweets. As much humble-bragging and boasting that goes on with Twitter, it sounded reasonable they'd give the option to brag about a purchase as well, but that's not the case. The "Buy" feature is rolling out incrementally, so look for it over the next few weeks.

Source: Twitter