Twitter bumps API v1 retirement date

Twitter has sprung a minor announcement on us this night, stating that it is bumping the retirement date of its API v1 from May 7 to June 11. The decision to do this was simple: it provides more time for blackout testing. Says Twitter, it'll send out a tweet when it has the next blackout test time, but for now developers with any questions or concerns is being encouraged to speak them over the microblogging network's developers forum.

Twitter has been in the news a fair bit this last week. On Wednesday, it received praise from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, more commonly called the EFF, which said the company is the best at protecting user data by meeting all six criteria used to look at how well companies handle their users' info (Verizon and Apple didn't fair so well, fyi).

We also saw confirmation that a Twitter for Glass app is real from LeWeb founder Loic Le Meur, who sent out a tweet containing an image of himself behind the wheel with the hashtag #throughglass. When asked if he used a Twitter Glass app, he said he did. That followed a day of tweets spotted by various Twitter users containing images sent by an app called Twitter for Glass.

And on Tuesday, Twitter had announced that its advertising program was opening to everyone who wanted to advertise, rather than just the businesses authorized to use it. Now smaller businesses, those less well known, and even individual users can advertise on the microblogging website, with the ads being tailored to specific audiences or displayed to users in general.

[via Twitter]