Twitter blasts Instagram with filter app update... but where is it?

Twitter's updated mobile app with added photo filters to offset the pain of lost Instagram integration was an unsurprising announcement yesterday, but the iOS version of the software is still yet to show up for users. The new app introduces eight filters, including Black and White, Warm, Cool, Vintage, Cinematic, and Happy, which can be applied to shots prior to sharing them. However, head over to the App Store, and you'll only find Twitter for iOS v5.1 [iTunes link], dating back to November 15 and lacking any sort of photo filters.

The release of the app could have been accelerated after Instagram opted to break support for integration of photos through Twitter's "Cards" system. The breakup was finalized over the weekend, with Instagram hoping to drive traffic to its own freshly-revealed profile pages rather than leave viewers consuming content on Twitter.

Instagram then followed up with a new version of its app yesterday, complete with more filtering options and FourSquare support baked in. Available for both iOS and Android, it allows links to photos to be pushed to Twitter from within the app, but not previews of the photos themselves.

Meanwhile, Android users have been able to enjoy the new Twitter app since yesterday, with the updated software already available for free download from the Play store. We're guessing Twitter has encountered a last-minute approval hiccup with Apple and that the iOS version will be winging its way into the store soon, but exactly when that will happen is unclear.