Twitter adds Google Account and Apple ID to bypass login issues

Twitter just added log in and sign up connections to both Google Account and Apple ID accounts. It would seem like these sign up and log in options should've been a part of the equation since the beginning... but here we go! Twitter JUST added the ability to log in or sign up to "join the conversation on Twitter" with options to use a Google Account on the app and on the web, or an Apple ID on iOS and "soon on web."

If you're using an iPhone and want to use Twitter for the first time, EVER, you can now do so without running through the extra steps required to sign up with Twitter. You'll need the Twitter app on your iOS device, for now. Soon, you'll be able to sign up for or sign in to a Twitter account with an Apple ID.

The Google process is slightly more all-encompassing. If you're using any sort of device and want to sign up for or sign in to Twitter, you can do so with your Google Account. This includes the app for Android and iOS, and through the Twitter webpage in an web browser.

Twitter also recently released a bounty for finding algorithmic bias. This new bounty was unveiled at DEF CON this year at the Ai Village, and aims at destroying "potential harms" stemming from Twitter's saliency algorithm. Twitter also recently added a special test that'll tell users when they've made a mistake. If you post something against the rules on Twitter now, you're going to KNOW ABOUT IT.

Twitter also revealed a new collaboration between Twitter, AP, and Reuters. They'll be surfacing credible context quickly now, if all goes as planned. Context is everything, especially when you've been logged in properly and can actually follow the conversation on Twitter in the first place.