TwitchCon 2015 Keynote rundown (the quick version)

This week Emmett Schear from Twitch spoke at TwitchCon 2015 and let it be known that new features were on the way. New products and improvements are headed to Twitch – the PC version of the environment – while a full-fledged app for Twitch for PlayStation was announced to be nearly here. Starting this Fall, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita (or PS Vita, if you prefer), will be getting access to the Twitch app.

For users of the web console for Twitch, you'll find a new set of features – little things for some, big changes for others. Customizable thumbnails, first and foremost – make everything look how you want it to look, not just random. You'll find a full HDML5 video player coming soon as well, and – at long last – the ability to upload your gameplay videos to Twitch, not just live broadcast.

Users will soon be able to create their own video playlist, allowing users to see your favorite videos one after the other in a 24/7 you-festival.

Inside live streams you'll find a new update to whispers. This is Whispers 2.0, suggested Twitch, with individually docked whispers to the side of the main chat. This should alleviate some of the pain of the now-completely-insane chat window situation (which is often speeding by at a million miles an hour). Whisper conversations are about to be saved "forever", as well.

Have a peek at the Twitch timeline below for more recent news and stick around as we continue to cover the phenomenon that is live streaming gaming and esports!