Twisted Metal PS3 drops in USA today

It's that time again, folks, time to take your love of destroying your auto-bound enemy to a whole new level of bright flashes of explosions and pain with Twisted Metal. In a 2012 release with the same name as the original murder-tastic car battle, this Twisted Metal is being sent out to the PlayStation 3 exclusively (at first, at least,) and will be available in all your favorite gaming stores right this minute (if you're lucky) for $60 USD. Be sure you're 17 years and older though, as this one's going to get messy.

This version of the game is made to work in your home for multiplayer, sure, but where it really explodes is its online play where you'll get to rock out one of your four teams that correlate with one of the classic characters from the series: Sweet Tooth (The Clowns), Dollface (The Dolls), Mr. Grimm (The Skulls) and the Preacher (The Holy Men). Not only are you encouraged to play epic battles on the PlayStation Network, you've got several modes of play including the brand new terror known as Nuke Mode.

In Nuke Mode your goal is to take your opponent's team leader hostage, sacrifice them to your missile launcher, and knock out a piece of your enemy's giant metal statue. The metal statue your opponent has is being held high by a helicopter. How all of this makes any sense in the real world, we do not know – but it seems entertaining! This newest version of the game also contains a whole new set of vehicles including Death Warrant (aka a Ford Mustang), a Roadboat (one gigantic beast of a vehicle indeed), Vermin (for capturing your mice friends,) and the ever classic Sweet Tooth ice cream truck.

Again this game is out right now and you should pick it up as soon as possible – then watch out for us, because we'll be crushing!