Twine and Pebble reveal "Internet of things" on your wrist

Two of the most successful Kickstarter projects of all time, the Twine internet-of-things gadget and the Pebble e-paper smartwater, will work together, it has been announced. Thanks to cooperation between the two teams, real-world alerts from Twine will be flagged up on the Pebble watch, such as when someone knocks on your door or if your washing machine is leaking.

"In Twine's web app, you'll be able to relay word of real-world events, like a basement flooding or a door opening, to the Pebble on your wrist" the Twine team confirmed today. "Welcome to the future!"

The idea for inter-compatibility was actually suggested by a mutual backer of both projects, though it's worth noting that the Pebble team – whose Kickstarter is set to close in a few days – was already a backer of the Twine project from earlier this year.

Twine uses a sensor-packed wireless box to monitor things like vibration and temperature, sending alerts to a cloud-based management hub which triggers text messages, emails and other notifications. Various external sensors – either made by the Twine team, or fashioned by users themselves – will be supported thanks to a breakout box.

As for Pebble, the crazy-successful smartwatch uses a small e-paper screen and, at least initially, was positioned as a way to flag up notifications from a nearby smartphone over a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. With Twine support, it becomes a gateway to the "internet of things", showing alerts from around the home.

Both Twine and Pebble are set to ship later in 2012, with pre-orders available from supermechanical and GetPebble.