Twelve South BassJump delivers easy 2.1 sound to your MacBook

The not-so-great thing about Macs is that third-party accessory manufacturers tend to view Apple owners as an ideal market to be milked, at least financially-speaking.  Twelve South's BassJump addresses a commonly-voiced problem among MacBook and MacBook Pro owners – that while the mids and trebles are reasonable, the notebooks' bass is somewhat lacking – by offering a standalone subwoofer.  Unfortunately the compact sub' also costs $79.99

That gets you not only the BassJump itself but Twelve South's accompanying amp app, which allows you to tweak the equaliser – to rock, pop, R&B, etc – but adjust the sub volume and the crossover.  The BassJump speaker hooks up via a USB connection, which gives it both audio signal and power.

As for the sub's specs, it uses a 77mm cone but Twelve South aren't exactly shouting about the wattage, so we're guessing it's reasonably low-key in comparison to some external speaker systems.  The BassJump is available now – for MacBook owners only, naturally – priced at $79.99.