Tweetbot for iPad Retina Quality Review

Chris Burns - Mar 17, 2012, 9:16pm CDT
Tweetbot for iPad Retina Quality Review

The most fabulous Twitter application for Apple‘s iPad has been upgraded again, this time for the 2012 iPad with its high definition Retina-quality display. This app allows Twitter users to see their timeline on the right, a menu of lists on the left, and settings all around. This app not only allows you to work with multiple Twitter accounts from one console, it shows all of the Tweet-related content posted by your followed associates in as high definition quality as you’ve ever seen them in the mobile realm.

The reason many people stick with Tweetbot for both the iPad and the iPhone is that not only does it allow for ultra-intuitive Twitter use, it has cute or otherwise perfectly tuned sound effects for all of your basic actions. There’s a “tic” a “click” and a “boop” for everything, and it all sounds right. Sidenote: find the “boop” and I congratulate you.

This application allows you quick access to your Timeline, your Mentions, Messages, Favorites, and Search – utilizing Twitter’s ultra-vast library of Tweets to get you in on the modern goings-on of the world whenever you want to know about them. You’ll be able to work with your own Twitter follower lists, Retweets shown by other people, and you can mute people to your heart’s content. This application will cost you [$2.99 in the iTunes App Store] today for either iPad or iPhone — also check out our review of this app specifically for the iPhone if you do so wish. It’s a different monster but just as fabulous!

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