TV Head character hack from kids' PVP

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Taking the guts of a children's toy and repurposing it for the face and mechanics of an tech-cum-art model, Flickr user idyll23 (who also goes by the name of Zack) makes these charming TV headed Munny figures.  His latest, Shock and Awe, stands proudly on a vintage enclosure and shows a looped clip of everyone's favourite Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. 

I'm constantly impressed by the hacking and tweakery put into tech intended for children but which has plenty of possible applications outside of their sticky-fingered grasp.  I'd love for Zack to sell these, because I think one would look pretty damn good in my flat. 

Zack's brother hacks the kid's media player, adapting it for alternative video and setting it for looped "kiosk" playback.  The rechargeable battery makes it portable.

Flickr photo set [via MAKE:]