Turn your table into a grill-pit

Chris Davies - Jan 25, 2007

Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing I like more than a good long roast on the kitchen table, so they won’t be surprised to hear that these Cook-N-Dine grill surfaces have really grabbed me.  Day to day they’re a stainless steel plate, but ratchet up the heat and they bow down to make a shallow pit for frying, grilling, sauté, baking and searing.

The concave shape keeps the tasty juices in, and the outer edge is 50% cooler to let food rest while everything else cooks.  Turn off the power and it retracts to be perfectly flat again, and cleans with a simple wipe. 


Various standalone and in-built models are available, in square and circle shapes.

Cook-N-Dine [via Appliancist]

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