Turbo Tango puts foam soda in a spray can

Those of you who take sugar binges deadly seriously will know how tricky it can be to simultaneously quaff sodas while squirting spray-cream into your mouth: the drink dilutes the cream and everything just gets depressing. Now, UK drinks manufacturer Britvic has the answer: foam Tango in a spray can.

The orange-flavored soft drink – sold in the UK – will be released as Turbo Tango and used as a promotional tie-in with upcoming film The Inbetweeners. A limited edition, it will package the drink in an aerosol can and spray it out as a foam, perfect for those moments where you're thirsty but can't be bothered marshaling your lazy, rubbery lips into clinging to the rim of a glass or can.

Britvic aren't saying much about the environmental impact of the new packaging, which is obviously more wasteful than your average soda can. Still, your average soda can doesn't allow you to stage Bugsy Malone-style impromptu splurge gun fights. Turbo Tango will go on sale in the UK this summer, priced at £1.60 ($2.57) for 375ml.

[via Twitter]