Tupper Home: the future of catalog shopping?

Designed in the spirit of demonstration marketing for products like Tupperware and Avon, Spanish firm Andrés Jaque Architects' Tupper Home is a modular project and the first in the company's catalog of architectural merchandise. Want a new porthole-style window? It'll cost you €72; alternatively a room divider comes in at €103.

By offering a range of readily-combined design pieces, Andres Jaque believe they can address all three of execution time, price and quality of execution, usually unhappy bed-fellows in any housing project. Different combinations of the pieces make a home suitable for all ages.

The project has been selected as a finalist in the X Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism.  It's not entirely clear how available the Tupper Home will be, or how much it's erring on the side of concept, but given how successful Ikea has been there's likely a place for it in the market.

[via designboom]