Tummy Shield protects pregnant women in car accidents

It is always nice when the creator of a product has a bit of personal motivation guiding them. One Aussie dad created this product in reaction to an accident his wife was in while pregnant, causing his unborn child brain trauma.

Unfortunately it is still a Beta product, so there is a lack of actual proof as to whether or not this seat helps prevent the trauma to the womb. Apparently 3% of pregnant women get into a car accident, which isn't all that shocking but a solution for the seatbelt should probably be looked into.

The seat is a sit-on platform with a hook that holds the seatbelt across the woman's thighs. Taking the pressure off of the belly. Unfortunately the seat is currently being sold for $188, but hopefully a more cost efficient product will be created at some point. One that is proven to work, and not just hopefully works.

[via daddy types]