Tumblr's app makes gifs now, too

This week Tumblr has updated its iOS app to include the ability to make moving .gif images for your blog. This isn't a brand new sort of ability, of course – you could do that on your desktop with Photoshop, if you wanted – but for mobile devices, it's still sort of a new bit of fun. If you want to turn all the movies and the photo burst images you've got on your device into gifs, now might be the best time to make it so.

Tumblr's app makes making gifs for your Tumblr blog easy. Of course you don't necessarily have to upload the gifs you make to a Tumblr blog, as they're also saved offline, to your device – but you may as well as long as you're there. The app allows you to seek out animation sequences in movies you have on your device as well as construct gifs of multiple images you've got on your device. It's relatively easy.

Another app that does something like this is Giffage. This app calls itself the "world's best GIF keyboard, GIF maker, and GIF explorer" all rolled into one. They're not wrong. What they've got (for iOS only, for now), is an app that's set to take on the best .gif services in the world – in app form. Head over to Giffage right now and tap the iOS App Store link – or if we're in the future when you're reading this, hopefully there'll be a Google Play button as well.

The iOS version of Tumblr's gif-making business is out today. It's all living inside the Tumblr app – the standard one, the one you've probably already got installed on your device right now. The Android version will be released "soon" according to Tumblr's developer crew. You'll all be able to upload moving images of your dog crashing in to the wall soon, and very soon.