Tumblr Post+ subscription service monetizes content at last [UPDATE: Tumblr responds]

Creators of content working with Tumblr now have their own monetization system in play. The system is called Tumblr Post+, and it'll be appearing with the biggest and most popular Tumblr accounts as soon as this week. Users will be able to set prices for their content, starting at $3.99, with higher tiers at $5.99 and $9.99 per month.

Creators that work with the Post+ system will be able to make special posts that only subscribers can see. Creators using this system will have a new, "infinitely customizable post form unlike anything found on any platform." This post form works with text, images, audio, video "and more."

A Tumblr representative suggested today that Post+ was developed "with the goal of building a product where innovation, experimentation, expression, weirdness, and fun intersect." It's also aimed at Gen Z users.

According to Tumblr's own internal analysis, "over 60% of Tumblr's new user sign ups are Gen Z." The platform also shows Gen Z users spending 26% more time on the platform than other users, "with the average daily time spent by Gen Z growing over 100% YoY."

The Post+ system is launching this week in a limited beta. This beta launch is appearing first with "mainly young creators, handpicked from Tumblr's community based on their great content." As Tumblr Post+ content "can be easily reblogged to share with your community" it'll be interesting to see how these premium users deal with reblogging of content otherwise exclusive to Post+ subscribers.

We've reached out to Tumblr to see what they have to say about how the handling of this reblogging and exclusive content system will work – or might work in the near future. Whether you are a content creator on Tumblr or a content consumer on Tumblr, stay tuned as we see how this new (post-Automattic acquisition) Tumblr strategy pans out!

UPDATE: A Tumblr representative shared a bit more on reblogging content with this Post+ system, saying "Our Terms of Service does not allow the sharing Post+ content by screeshotting or otherwise creating or distributing any copies. Tumblr users cannot resell, rent or otherwise charge any other person for access to others' Post+ content. Any users found breaking these rules will be subject to actioning."

It was also suggested that these "+Posts" do not act like normal posts within the confines of Tumblr. As such: "+Posts do not reveal the full content of the post unless creators choose to," said the Tumblr representative. "Instead they offer teasers that are 'above the fold'. When a supporter reblogs a +Post, non-supporters will see the teaser content and will be encouraged to subscribe to view the full post."