Tumblr creative director quits after Yahoo acquisition

Could it be that the recent Yahoo acquisition of Tumblr rubbed some people the wrong way? Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said that they wouldn't screw it up, but sometimes you can't make everyone happy. It turns out that Tumblr's creative director and one of the company's first employees, Jacob Bijani, is stepping down from his post.

Bijani doesn't mention the reason for his leave, but he says that he's "proud" of the work that Tumblr has done, and it was "a privilege to contribute to something beloved by so many." He says he's excited about the future of Tumblr and is looking forward to seeing what's next for the company and the product, noting that it will most likely "be nothing short of incredible."

Could it be the first of many big departures for Tumblr? While Tumblr CEO David Karp seems to be all on board with the acquisition, many employees may not feel the same way. I mean, we wouldn't be surprised if every Tumblr employee was on board with it, but we're certainly a bit surprised to see that one of the original employees is heading out.

Bijani says that there's still a lot more that he wants to accomplish, mentioning that he has "about a dozen different projects" on the back burner, so it seems he isn't quitting his profession, but the timing of the departure is a curious one, and if we had a portion of that cool $1.1 billion, we don't blame Bijani for taking "some time off to digest the last few years."

VIA: Valleywag