Tumblr app for Android gets revamped

Brian Sin - Apr 8, 2013
Tumblr app for Android gets revamped

Tumblr has just launched a revamp of its Android app, implementing the beautiful, Holo UI into the app, and improving user experience with a bunch of new features. It’s strange that the Android app is getting revamped before the iOS app, but it’s a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, the revamped app still doesn’t have support for GIFs, which is something users have been wanting for ages.

All of your editing options are placed inside of a small menu button on the bottom right of your screen. Clicking on the button reveals all of your editing actions in a beautiful and smooth animation. Images on Tumblr will “pop” out more, and they will be arranged in a nicer, more organized layout. The Android app for tablets also sees the revamped UI, however it’d still be nice if I could use the app in landscape mode.

Tumblr app for Android gets revamped 1

Using the Tumblr app is always a pleasant experience, even though most of the time, I prefer to use the desktop version of apps. It’s very smooth and convenient, and everything is easily accessible. The new animations and smoother user interface are major bonuses and it helps get more users to use the Tumblr mobile app more. Social media networks like Tumblr and Facebook are always trying to get more users to use their mobile apps, mostly because there is good money in it for them.

Late last month, Tumblr announced that it finally has over 100 million blogs on its network. It was a milestone that it reached in only 1 year. Tumblr is on a roll and it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Now that the Android app has seen a complete revamp, it shouldn’t be too long now before iOS users will receive a brand new Tumblr app as well. You can download the Tumblr app update now from the Google Play store.

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