TSA confirms iPad needs no x-ray scan (just like netbooks and nooks)

Your iPad is tucked up snug and warm in your rucksack as you head off to airport security, but do you need to whip it out and put it in a cold x-ray tray?  According to the TSA, the answer to that is no; having been pestered half to death by travel-weary bloggers, they've confirmed that your iPad – along with your Kindle, nook, or any other "electronic items smaller than the standard sized laptop" – can stay in your bag.

Anything electronic that's laptop sized or larger – including consoles, DVD players and the like – has to come out and go in a tray.  Interestingly, the TSA includes netbooks in among the former category, meaning the budget ultraportables shouldn't have to be pulled out.  Apparently security staff are being trained on the policies, though we're hearing that people are still being given conflicting instructions at airports.  We'd suggest following those instructions rather than protesting too loudly; otherwise you might find yourself sitting uncomfortably for your flight.