Trump Tweets may soon be filtered as secret service steps in

As Trump gains the US Presidency today, he's reportedly lost something in the transition: his Android phone. Anyone who follows President Trump on Twitter will know that his phone sees a lot of use, but as he ascends to the Presidency, the US Secret Service has forced him to give it up. Instead, he'll use an encrypted phone as he serves in his role as Commander in Chief, but what kind of phone he'll use is unknown.

So says a new report from the New York Times. We know that President Obama clung to his Blackberry when he entered office, and it's possible that President Trump received the same type of phone. Regardless of the phone he received, the new President was also given a new phone number.

Very few people will know what that phone number is over the course of Trump's Presidency. This, of course, is all done in the name of security. Though the President of the United States needs to always be accessible, he also needs those lines of communication to be secured. This leaves the Secret Service with only a few options when it comes to picking a smartphone for Presidents.

So, will this change Trump's level of access to Twitter, or what he's allowed to tweet? It's unknown at this point. The official Twitter account of the President of the United States has already made the transition to Trump, offering only a single tweet at the time of this writing. President Obama's tweets, as we learned before the transition occurred, have been archived on a separate account: @POTUS44.

We shall see what this means for President Trump's love of Twitter, and perhaps at some point in the future we'll even discover what kind of phone he's being forced to use now that he's in office. Considering the Secret Service and its prioritization of security over everything else, however, that may never happen.

SOURCE: The New York Times