Trump Tweets as The Joker by Mark Hamill: all in one place [UPDATED]

On the 7th of January, 2017, Matt Oswalt suggested that Mark Hamill's Joker voice should speak every Tweet made by Donald Trump. Patton Oswalt forwarded this idea to Mark Hamill, and Mark Hamill set to work. In the article you're about to see, we've collected the entire set of audio bytes from Hamill in this series. UPDATE: Also we've got Brannigan – Zapp Brannigan, as voiced by Billy West – doing the same thing!

At the time this article is published, just ONE recording has been made by Hamill (@HamillHimself) of what may end up being the perfect Tweet-to-Joker conversion. This Tweet was made by Trump on New Years, and it fit the Joker so well that it's shameful. This is the first of what we hope will be a great many voice-overs by Hamill as The Joker doing Trump through the future.

ALSO: Because another artist has been so kind as to add his fabulous voice to the fray, behold! This is Billy West (@TheBillyWest) doing the voice of Zapp Brannigan from Futurama. This is "Make American Brannigan" – in so many Tweets.

Above you'll see and hear the New Year's Tweet, the last Trump Tweet of the year 2016. On to the new year, and new Brannigans. And West isn't going to stop any time soon. Behold the first Tweet of 2017, too!

Below you'll see a collection of Tweets from West compiled by Dragon Puncher. Watch out for the pronouncing of "Chineese". Also note – update – these aren't all Tweets. Some are just terrible, terrible things that Trump has said, in real life.

And another bit from West, collected by Dragon Puncher. Watch out for massive racism. So much racism your ears will explode.

Then there's a third part. Oh my god, so much Trump as Brannigan. Thank you, Billy West. Thank you so, so much.

Then there's the oddity of West speaking as Dr. John A Zoidberg reading Trump's official "Medical Report." This came earlier last year, read in September of 2016. This Medical Report is done in three pieces because it is so insane and long. Don't let the content scare you. This report is 100% legitimate, from a real doctor – with quotes, excuse me, "doctor".

This article will continue to be jammed with new quotes from Mark Hamill and Billy West as they appear. Bookmark and or click – or just head to SlashGear's Twitter as we'll send out an update Tweet every time this article is updated. This is not the sort of thing that just ends – it could go on for years!