Tron Guy Banned from Seeing Tron in his Tron Suit

Let me first say... or rather, possibly be the first Minnesotan to apologize for the fact that this happened. Tron Guy, I am sorry you were not allowed into a movie theater in my home state. I live in Minneapolis, and I am sorry for the poor manners and ignorance of my home state. When you called in to that movie theater that turned you away from seeing Tron: Legacy in your full internet-legendary suitm it was just horrible. It is appalling and completely silly that a movie theater would not let you, the coolest dude in the entire Troniverse, see the second installment of the film series in your full garb. My condolences.

Tron Guy, aka Jay Maynard, called in to his local movie theater somewhere in Minnesota today (Fairmont, if I'm not mistaken,) to see if it would be alright if he showed up to a screening of the new movie Tron: Legacy, but was turned down flat. The theater told him no way, "adamantly" insisting that he would not be let into the theater if he came completely suited up. Harsh!

Jay Maynard, if you're reading this, feel free to shoot me an email [] – let's go see this movie together and we'll totally do a featured post on how awesome it was. I'll pay for your ticket. Total 3D. They're playing it in IMAX at The Minnesota Zoo. Let's do it.

[Via TIME]