TRON: Evolution Collector's Edition Announced, Has Toy Light Cycle Inside

With the release of the TRON sequel just about on us (it's going to be the perfect Christmas gift, after all), there's no reason you should be surprised to see that the video game version's Collector's Edition has just broken cover. As many "collector's" items go, there's always a few goodies inside to make your purchase, which is usually a bit more expensive than the "normal" edition, worthwhile. That's certainly the case with this one.

The Collector's Edition seems to be only aiming for customers who own a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, which means those with a Wii aren't going to be feeling any Light Cycle love. That's right — inside the box you'll find one of those all-too-familiar Light Cycles tucked away inside a very attractive display case. And, you'll find the game itself in a drawer underneath that display case, which slides out.

The Collector's Edition of TRON: Evolution will be made available on December 7th, as will all of the other editions of the game, along with the multi-format titles. You'll be able to find it on PC, Nintendo DS, Sony's PSP, and Nintendo's Wii, as well as Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360. As for the price of the CE? That'll run you a cool $130. But, hey, that Light Cycle makes it all worth it, right? Too bad you didn't win a real one, though.

[via Joystiq]