Triumph creates solar powered bra that seems slightly suspicious

Occasionally solar powered products start to get just a bit odd. I mean if you really are working to get the public to use solar power more, you need to make it cost efficient, attractive, and something the general public could see themselves using. Okay, this product attempts to pull out lacy details, making it almost attractive, but it comes up short in several other areas.

First of all, it's solar powered lingerie. Solar power works by gathering energy, via the sun, meaning the panel has to be able to be in direct sunlight. It just ends up coming off as a wormy guy trying to get women to walk around in their bra.

Whether or not that is the actual case is unknown, but it does seem more than a little suspicious. Either way Triumph has successfully caused a bit of a buzz throughout the net and even mocking publicity is still publicity.

[via hippy shopper]