Trim Slice Tegra 2 ultra-compact desktop gets video demo

Just when our eyes had glazed over at the Tegra 2 torrent of tablets and smartphones, along came Compulab with its Trim Slice ultra-compact desktop PC using the NVIDIA chipset. Packing the 1080p-capable SoC in a tiny, fanless metal enclosure, complete with HDMI and Dual-Link DVI ports for twin displays, 1GB of RAM, WiFi b/g/n and gigabit ethernet, we instantly started imagining places for it under our HDTV or tucked in the corner of our desk. ARMDevices caught up with Compulab this week as they brought the Trim Slice to its first trade show; check out the video demo and more details after the cut.

Compulab actually have two versions they're showing: the slimline model we've seen already, and a thicker version that offers a 2.5-inch internal hard-drive bay. OS can either be loaded onto a microSD card in a dedicated slot, onto the 32GB SSD in the slimline Trim Slice, or onto the HDD of the bigger model. It'll launch with Ubuntu, but the company is working on adding Android 3.0 Honeycomb support by the time the tiny desktop launches.

Compulab expects the first Trim Slice units to ship at the end of April 2011, with pricing at around $250 for the SSD version or around $300 for the HDD version when they hit stores. At that price, we could see it being very popular among both consumers and developers.