Trendnet TPL-307E 200Mbps powerline networking adapter with extra plug debuts

Trendnet has unveiled a new powerline networking adapter that is smaller and more compact than its predecessor. The new adapter is called the TPL-307E and it is the replacement with the TPL-304E adapter that also had an extra plug on the outside. The extra plug allows the adapter to be plugged in and you can still use the outlet to plug in other devices.

The 304E was a bulkier solution and the new device has a more compact housing making it easier to place in a crowded outlet. The device has a 200Mbps max speed and will work with the power lines in your home. The adapters also use a secure network automatically with no configuration needed of the network.

The encryption the adapters use is AES and a single press of the sync button shares the encryption key for the network. The adapter is shipping right now for $129.99 in a pair and for $69 for single adapters. Powerline networking is a great way to network your home if WiFi doesn't work in all areas. Back in September I mentioned the TPL-306E adapter that lacks an outlet and appears to be sized along the lines of the new 307E adapter.