Trendnet TPL-306E Is A Compact Power Line Networking Adapter

If you outlets around the home are anything like mine they are jammed full with all sorts of gadgets and home theater gear there may not be room for a big normal size power line networking adapter. I know I don't have the space behind my entertainment system for a standard size one that blocks an outlet. Trendnet has a new compact power line adapter that might do the trick though.

The adapter is called the TPL-306E and it can connect any device to the internet in your home using your router and a power line. The adapter will connect automatically to other adapters around the home. The network is secure and needs no drivers to install. You just hook the router to your network side and then to the device you want connectivity for.

The adapter has lights on the front to show power and connectivity. It also has tech inside to reduce power consumption when not in use by 70%. The adapter is capable of 200Mbps speeds. The full official name is the 200Mbps Compact Powerline AV Adapter TPL-306E. It will hit retail outlets in December and will cost $54.99 for each adapter or $99.99 for a kit with two adapters. You need at least two adapters to start a network.