Trendnet TPL-304E powerline network adapters now shipping

Shane McGlaun - Nov 9, 2010
Trendnet TPL-304E powerline network adapters now shipping

Back in March of this year I mentioned that Trendnet had some new powerline networking gear coming that had an extra outlet added on. We didn’t hear anything else on that gear until now. Trendnet is now shipping the new powerline networking gear that has the additional outlet built-in for European and US users.

The new device is called the TPL-304E and it is a high speed networking device good for data speeds of up to 200Mbps. It features an advanced noise filter to allow for more performance and has a power save mode to reduce consumption by 70%. The best feature of the device is that you can plug it in and still have an outlet that you can use for other gear in your home or office.

Losing an outlet is the worst thing about powerline networking for me and other folks that have every outlet in the room packed with computers and other gadgets. The TPL-304E can be used with up to eight of the devices on one network. That means one of them is used to transmit and seven others can be used to network various devices around the home.

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