TRENDnet shows off new TPL-304E and TPL-304E2K powerline networking gear

Wireless networks are great for getting connectivity to your devices around the house or office, but the problem is that a wireless network doesn't always cut it. If you have a larger home or office, the wireless signal may not make it to all areas of your home and some devices like cable converters lack wireless connectivity. This is where alternatives like powerline networking come in.

TRENDnet has unveiled a could new powerline networking devices that promise connectivity and give you back the electrical outlet that you typically lose when you use a powerline network adapter. The new products are the TRENDnet TPL-304E and TPL-304E2K. Both are 200Mbps powerline network adapters and both have AC outlets built-in.

That means that once you plug the adapter in, you can still plug a device into the outlet. If outlets are as scarce in your home or office as mince, this is a very nice feature. The difference in the two kits is that the 304E2K includes a pair of the powerline adapters. The E2K kit will sell for $149 and the single adapter kit will sell for $79 with both landing in June.