TrekDesk treadmill workstation & exercise ball

People working while on treadmills is nothing all that new, but there have been limited pre-built systems available. Instead, users have generally customised their own high-desk. Now TrekDesk are offering an adjustable desk intended to fit most motorized treadmills and, if you're particularly tired and fancy sitting down to do your exercise, the TrekDesk Chair which apparently lets you lose weight by bouncing.

The theory goes that the spring-mounted ball lets you exercise your "core muscles" when sitting. That sounds like they're talking about my bottom. The whole thing swings aside when you're finished with it, leaving you to ratchet the desk back up to standing height and get working on those non-core parts.

No pricing details yet, but you can pre-register your interest at the TrekDesk site. Availability is expected in Q3 2008.

[via OhGizmo!]