Train Horn Kits for your car

Train horns have a tendency to be loud and depending on how close you are to the noise can make you jump out of your skin at the sound of it. Well these guys specialize in train horns for your vehicle and also have created a series of videos terrorizing the public with them. Check out the video after the jump.

When I was first reading about the horn I chuckled a bit, but to actually see the video is friggin priceless. Not only did these guys go around blasting the horn, they went around highly populated areas with long lines of people.

I figured I would see a few people jump, but they got whole crowds screaming with terror. Could you imagine taking that thing around on Halloween night, with all of those unsuspecting trick or treaters? To get your own they range anywhere from $200 to a couple grand.

Man Attaches Train Horn To Car, People Crap [via geekologie]