Trackside instant replay monitor gets rental review

Kangaroo TV is one of those gadgets I'm unusually curious about but will likely never experience myself, so I'm pleased to see Automated Home's hands-on report of the event-side review unit from a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix.  A handheld wireless terminal allowing for instant replays, in-car footage, timing data and other information usually you'd have to be in front of the TV to get.


Costing $95 to rent for the weekend, the 4-inch by 6-inch device runs a Linux OS and receives data via a cellular network; on first turning it on you select your favourite driver and that individual is flagged up in any results or tabular data. 

Six hour battery life is impressive for something of this type, although the cycling through four different languages rather than having a language per track seems a waste when most people are used to watching TV sport reports in their chosen tongue.  As for whether they recommend it, well, you'll just have to read their review to find out.

Kangaroo TV Review [Automated Home]