TrackingPoint firearms show heads-up displays aren't just for Google Glass

This week we got the chance to not only get our hands on the TrackinPoing XactSystem precision-guided rifle system, we had a chat with the company's President Jason Schauble as well. This system is able to turn your shooting into a digitally that'll make you as precise a marksman as you can be. What we're seeing here is a massive computer system mounted on top of a specialized firearm (in this case) complete with processing power and connectivity to your computers of all kinds – with this system you gain more information on your shooting accuracy than you'll have ever dreamed possible.

With this device and system you're able to connect to your rifle wirelessly and see what your scope sees. The system the folks at TrackingPoint are showing off here is a full-on system including ammunition, an iPad mini to connect with, and the rifle itself. Long-range marksmen are set to become much, much more advanced in the field.

The scope's vision is shown in the gallery we've got below (and above) – see for yourself the system you'll be using in the very near future. Also note that this system is able to guide the shooter with trigger weight and you've got systems like edge and blob detection in the unit for just about as advanced an experience as you can work with. You'll be able to adjust for essentially all conditions – wind adjustment certainly, zoom, focus adjustment, and a series of modes are included as well.

Have a peek at our talk with the President and make sure you take a close look at the details above and below. This system is a wild bit of technology we're not often anywhere near, so savor it as well if you're all about firearms. Also be sure to take a peek at our CES portal as well as our ShowStoppers 2013 tag!