Track your Location History (and rate mink) in Google Maps 5.3

Google Maps for Android 5.3 is out, and it brings with it improved Google Latitude functionality for better managing and tracking your location while mobile. Meanwhile, if you've ever wanted to rate the innate minkiness of your favorite Mink Sanctuary, v5.3 has just the feature for you.

Latitude's Location History now gets pulled into the new Location Dashboard, which shows how much time you've spent at home – assuming you set a home location, of course – how much at work, and how much out on the town. It's also possible to check-in at home now, too, to alert friends and family as to when would be a good time to stop round for a cup of tea.

As for the mink, Google Places with Hotpot has added custom rating categories which users can create on their handsets. So, if you reckon your local café has it right when it comes to their drum'n'bass soundtrack, you can create a suitable music category and rank them highly. Google Maps for Android 5.3 is available as a free update from the Android Market for devices running OS 1.6 or above.

[via Android Community]