Toyota teases sleek US-designed sedan

Toyota is teasing a new sedan ahead of its full reveal at the New York International Auto Show, though the company hasn't confirmed whether the sleek, US-designed car is headed to full production. Only shown so far in render form, and from this rear three-quarters perspective, the new car is the epitome of mystery: Toyota won't talk engine types, number of seats or anything else.

Most likely, though, is that Toyota will look to some sort of hybrid power plant similar to what's found in the current Prius. The company also showed off a sedan concept back in January, the Toyota NS4, with some very similar styling cues to this new version; it also debuted a next-gen Hybrid Synergy Drive plug-in powerplant, and the usual concept gamut of high-tech interior toys.

Toyota NS4 concept:

[vms 0dd9629a5260c4de2185]

As for this new model, we're seeing quite a bit of Aston Martin in the rear window glass design, particularly Aston's four-door Rapide, and there's a little of the Citroen GT concept in the surface detailing. Those meaty and impractically slim-shod wheels would likely be the first thing to go should a production model get the green light.

Toyota plans to take the wraps off of the new sedan in New York on April 5.