Toyota Tacoma All-Terrain Gamer (ATG) concept: gullwings, hydraulic chairs & more

With LCD displays and even consoles being reasonably common among upmarket cars these days, you need to go a little further if you're going to attract significant amounts of attention.  For Toyota and the Microsoft Xbox team, that meant seemingly crashing a Toyota Tacoma truck first through a Jurassic Park themed paint display before throwing all the gaming and custom hydraulics to hand at the tricked-out interior.  Even then, you've still got some way to go to match the Toyota Tacoma All-Terrain Gamer (ATG) concept shown at SEMA this year.

The Tacoma is designed to allow four gamers to play Halo alongside each other, and since squinting at 7-inch headrest-mounted displays lacks the essential gravitas, instead the driver and front-passenger seats motor out and back, to line up with the rear seats.  That leaves room for four 24-inch Samsung LCD displays, which swing out in front of them, while still making space for an energy-drink container in-between.

As for spectators, they're not left out either since a 60-inch Sharp LCD is mounted to the trailer hitch.  The Tacoma itself has had all four doors removed, welded together into two sections, and gullwing-mounted so that they hinge up and provide shelter from the elements.  The geekiest part?  The license plate reads "My other car is a Warthog".

[via Jalopnik]