Toyota recalls 310,000 FJ Cruisers due to seatbelt issue

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 15, 2013, 8:01 pm CDT
Toyota recalls 310,000 FJ Cruisers due to seatbelt issue

Toyota has recalled a huge number of its popular FJ Cruiser SUVs – 310,000 to be exact. The recall was made due to a safety hazard posed by the driver and passenger seat belts, which could potentially fail due to how they are positioned in the vehicle. Most of the vehicles being recalled are in the US, but some of them are located elsewhere.

Toyota announced the recall in a press release, stating that the driver and front passenger seat belts are fixed to the rear doors, which have panels that aren’t strop enough to handle them. If the driver of an FJ Cruiser repeatedly closes the door “forcefully”, there’s a chance the panels may crack, resulting in a weak seat belt that may not hold up in the event of a crash or rough braking.

The FJ Cruisers being recalled including the latest 2013 model all the way down to the 2007 model-year. The majority of them – 209,000 – were sold in the United States, while a fairy hefty 52,000 were sold in the Middle East. The remaining SUVs were sold throughout China, Australia, Canada, Latin America, and Oceania.

Unfortunately, a solid method of correcting the problem has not been determined, with the manufacturer still considering its options. Once it decides on a repair method, owners of the affected models will be notified and can take the vehicle to the dealer for a cost-free repair. This follows other recalls Toyota has suffered, including one earlier this year where it recalled over 1 million vehicles due to problems with wipers and airbags.

[via NBC News]

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