Touchscreen X10 Poker Table

No, not a dining table set with heat-proof mats, this is actually an automated poker table from X10.  Using ten 12.1-inch touchscreens, you and nine of your richest friends can gather round without anything as boring as a human dealer; a 27-inch LCD in the centre of the table does all those duties.  Community cards and chip amounts are displayed for all to see in the middle, while each player's hole cards peel up when a player touches them on their individual screen.

Out of the box (a big box at that) it's programmed with Texas Hold'em and Blackjack, which you can even play simultaneously.  The manufacturers also promise lifetime software updates, so as soon as someone codes a version of Pokémon cards you'll be able to play that too.  In fact the only problem I can see is that when you throw your drink over your opponent after catching sight of an electronic ace up his sleeve, you're likely to trip the circuit-breaker.

It doesn't quite oust the automated Mahjong table from my heart – I still think that gadget's mechanical systems are far more entertaining than mere touchscreens – but the price could give me a heart attack.  $29,950 could buy plenty of chips at your nearest casino (though if you're as bad at poker as I am, they'd probably only last you twenty minutes).  The X10 Automated Poker Table is available now.

[via Born Rich]