Touchscreen Eee PC 901 mod

Chris Davies - Jul 23, 2008

Working on the principle that there can never be too many touchscreen Eee variants, jkkmobile has a new tutorial for adding such a panel to the ASUS Eee PC 901.  The 8.9-inch touchscreen panel itself costs around $70 on eBay (plus shipping); then it’s just a case of opening up the 901, locating power and USB connections, and carefully squeezing everything in.

Check out the demo video of the touchscreen Eee 901 after the cut

Rather than disconnect the webcam or add an internal USB hub, as previous methods have demanded, jkkmobile used the second set of SSD PCI-E USB pins.  The drive continues to work, obviously.  Power is sourced from the connections near the webcam connector.

As for the end result?  Well, in their own words: “It’s gooooood!”  Now that Microsoft have made their XP for netbooks licencing a little more lenient by allowing for touchscreens I’ve a feeling we’ll see more finger-friendly ultraportables.  If you’re looking for a touchscreen kit for the original 7-inch Eee, see this previous post.

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