Touch Bionics i-limb ultra revolution is controllable via a mobile app

Touch Bionics has just announced a new product in its inventory called the i-limb ultra revolution. It features a biosim mobile app that is usable through iOS devices. The i-limb ultra revolution features a powered rotating thumb, 24 Quick Grip options, and extra sensitive electrodes. Ian Stevens, the CEO of Touch Bionics, states that the i-limb ultra revolution will enable "wearers to more easily perform activities of daily living and thus increase their quality of life."

The ultra revolution allows the user not only the powered rotating thumb feature, but also the ability to articulate each individual finger, offering "unparalleled dexterity" and much more precise grip actions. There are also a variety of wrist options that allow more "natural positioning of hand when gripping or picking up objects". There are also various aesthetic products that can make the i-limb look more natural.

The i-limb ultra revolution is the first upper limb body part that is controllable via a mobile application. While using the biosim mobile app, users are able to access any of the preset 24 Quick Grips with a single touch. There is a Hand Health Check option that checks the make sure the i-limb is functioning correctly. There is also training modes that teaches the users how to fully utilize their prosthesis.

The Quick Grips offer a variety of useful options, including grips that allow the user to type, hold papers, or use a mouse. Users are also able to sort their favorite grips into a list so that they have quicker and easier access to them. Touch Bionics is very innovative in combining prosthesis with advanced technology. A couple of its previous products include a bionic finger and a prosthetic hand programmable via Bluetooth. An i-limb ultra revolution user, Bertolt Meyer, states,

"Powered thumb rotation, combined with the mobile app and quick access to all these new grips, gives me natural hand function that I never imagined would be possible."

[via Touch Bionics]